Tom has a Bachelors from Columbia University and a graduate degree in social work from Fordham. As a licensed clinical social worker, he has over 30 years of practice in the field of personal and mental health, and is dedicated to using this experience to guide others to happiness.


Tom’s approach to mental health is simple and straightforward. He incorporates his knowledge of the laws of nature into his therapy in order to guide individuals, couples or families through their own personal journeys. He does this by leading them through their struggles in an honest and open way in order for individuals to learn how to embrace adversity rather than avoid it. This is best summed up in a quote from Jimmy Cliff, “the harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory”. In doing so, the journey encompasses grace and dignity toward the realization of joy, wisdom and ultimately the achievement of true freedom.


His methods involve harnessing the skill of self-reflection through the power of personal relationships and meaningful experiences with the outdoors. Tom believes in the importance of humor, trust, simplicity, open communication and focus. As a man who has dedicated his life to the wellbeing of others, Tom has worked hard to create a comfortable forum for struggling individuals who seek to better themselves through the journey to recovery.


Tom Samose, LCSW

"In the folly of man, lies the wisdom of God."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Individual & Family Counseling

Tom wants to help you on the journey to overcome your fears and reflect on your struggles in an effort to move towards a brighter path. It doesn't need to be hard, call today and schedule a meeting.

Group workshops

A group environment aimed at bringing people together in an environment that is safe and comfortable. Workshops include topics such as Survivors of Toxic Relationships, Narcotics and Substance Abuse, and Dealing With Daily Stress.

"The ultimate form of sophistication is simplicity"

- Leonardo Da Vinci

“I started seeing Tom years ago as a way to help with communication problems inside my marriage.  He helped me to understand my own limitations or struggles which were having a negative impact on all of my relationships, not only with my husband. This revelation has helped me to understand who I am and how to start living a more authentic life.”


"The two most important things in life are humor, and chewing your food"

- Michio Kushi

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